DOG box 02M 02Q MQ350 IN STOCK

DOG box 02M 02Q MQ350 IN STOCK


NEW  - Combined Synchrox Dog

synchro OEM 1°-2°/DOG 3°-6° 


DOG box Honda

DOG box Honda

DOG box 6° Honda K-serie IN STOCK

DOG kit 5° B-serie  IN STOCK !

AUDI 01E DOG box !

AUDI 01E DOG box !

6°/ 4° DOG kits in stock !

SYNCHRO kit - modified 3°-6° !

Custom in 2 months !  01E


1690.00 €

without VAT
Producer: SQS
Publication date: 07.06.2022
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

 NEW CNC made Open design to :

Usually keep on stock this versions :

- VW-Audi-Seat-Skoda Mk2,3,4,5, 6,7   gearbox types: 02A/02J/02C/02R - 02M/02Q - 02T  

                                                         OEM bowdens (cabels) compatible

                                                                        ON TOP of TUNNEL ONLY !

- Mitsubishi EVO     OEM bowdens (cabels) compatible

- Toyota Celica GT4 / Starlet   OEM bowdens (cabels) compatible

- Honda  K-series  (DC5, EP3, FN2 etc....)   CUSTOM bowdens (cabels) MUST be MADE !

- Suzuki SWIFT EZ (bowdens controlled gearbox)  CUSTOM bowdens (cabels) MUST be MADE !


 Custom is possible made also to :

Ford Focus (MTX75)

Ford Fiesta

Mitsubishi GT 3000 - compatible with OEM cabels/bowdens

Mitsubishi EVO I-III,  Eclipse - IN STOCK ! compatible with OEM cabels/bowdens

Volvo S60

Renault Megane

Honda Prelude 5speed - IN STOCK !  necessary  to order incl. custom cabels/bowdens 

Honda Integra 6°(DC5)  - IN STOCK !  necessary  to ordr incl. custom cabels/bowdens 

Opel Speedster - gearbox M32 -   necessary  to ordr incl. custom cabels/bowdens 

Opel Astra or similar - gearbox M32 -   necessary  to ordr incl. custom cabels/bowdens 


Produced  versions: SQS-CFM Mechanical and SQS-CFE with electromagnet assistant.

SQS Mechanical designed only for dog boxes (usually used only by DRAG racers becouse one strip require only 3x shift)

SQS-CFM - Mechanical only: 1278 EUR

SQS-CFE designed for synchronised gearboxes - anyway can be used also with dog box with more comfort , safety and exactness (90% of sales)

SQS specification by ordering:

do you like large / mid square  or small round display?

Custom made bowdens optional

When SEQSHIFT mounted on racing gearbox is necessary check and measure bowden strokes, becouse various manufacturers produce dog-kits with different strokes than orginal.

Download below manual:  "Bowden stroke measuring" to understand more....

Aseembly manuals also available to download....


SHIFT CUT  / POWER SHIFT / FLAT SHIFT - shifting without clutch or under full throttle

its generally possible with all DOG boxes (when release throttle by shifting)

with SEQUENTIAL shifting its more easy becouse is easy get signal for ignition cut

ALL  !!!!   SQS shifters are equiped on back side with Shift Cut Switch to give this signal to ECU (see gallery)

to get the signal is necessary minimal move of shift lever - uder load it may require more power from hand !

more sofisticated solution is use SCB :

SCK gives signal sooner than lever moves !


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